My Games

Splash Art for FNBA: 3 main characters posed in front of a space scene
Commercial Release with Dylan Gedig

Local Multiplayer game where you only get one bullet.
Developed with a focus on accessible yet strategically deep gameplay.

Available on Steam, Xbox One, and others.

In Development

A screenshot of Scute of Newt: A newt faces off against a giant blood monster
Solo project started at OrcaJam 2016

An in-development sword-based polevaulting-platformer about a witch's familiar.
Initial prototype created in October of 2016, further development is in progress.

In development

A screenshot of Astrolabe: A ship sails a shattered sea, guided by an ancient sun and moon
Solo project

An in-development game about a boat roaming an ancient Earth.
Created to explore gameplay applications of the control schemes I developed earlier in BUOYS.

In development

Game Jam Games and Prototypes

Splash Art for Buoys: 3 orbs float in a calm sea.
Created with Nicolas Guillemot for Global Game Jam 2017

I learned some Lua in order to script this toy alongside Nic's impressive ray-marched graphics!
Buoys is a relaxing toy about emergent movement and interface affordances

Global Game Jam Website

A screenshot of Demon Cleanse: The path is blocked by a shambling demon
Solo project for Global Game Jam 2016

My third forray into 3D with the GameMaker engine,
this time making a doom-esque shooter with a focus on audio and a spooky atmosphere.

A screenshot of WONKS: A floating house sits in a lonesome sea
Solo project for Ludum Dare 34

My second exploration of the GameMaker engine's 3D capabilities.
Wonks is a slow-paced atmospheric "Game" about clickity-clacking robot hands.

A screenshot of What Deer we Doe Now?: A buck tries its best to fit in at its office job
Designer on a group of 8 for Global Game Jam 2015

Survive in the cutthroat business world as a deer skittering about linoleum flooring.
Also your rear end is a physics object.

Global Game Jam Website

Older Projects

I would love to eventually build a page of my "legacy" (2008-2014) games, as the places many of them were hosted on no longer exist. Until then some of my older projects can be found at these locations: (Although many of the download links may now be dead)

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